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Keeping Your Kids Safe From Technology- With Technology

The internet has brought people closer together, so that you can live in the U. S. while being friends with someone living in Russia. Between messengers, video chat and social media, our lives are less private than ever before. This means it’s important for parents to be vigilant about what their children are exposed to online.

Parents who are concerned with their child’s welfare might not be tech savvy enough to know how to protect them. There is technology out there to Read more »

How To Have Thousands Of Books With One Device

Many people love to read books, but they would love it even more if they were a little more mobile. Books are heavy and can be a little difficult to drag around. If one were to have all of the books that they could ever want and then some on one little device, many would be willing to do just that. Luckily, this is now possible through the use of electronic book readers like the Kindle.

With an electronic device like this, one simply pays for the books that they would like to Read more »

New Technology For Keeping Online Banking Secure

Many individuals will find that they have not actually made their way into a bank to deposit a check with a teller or ATM in months, perhaps even years. It is exceptionally easy to carry out a vast majority of banking with one’s computer or their phone, but there are a few security risks that should be considered before completely making the switch to virtual banking.

Any time that the customer accesses the bank’s website, they should be absolutely positive that they are visiting the Read more »

How the Internet has Advanced Over Time

The internet really has come a long way since its initial inception. If you’re like me, then you were around in the early days when signing onto the internet meant tying up the phone line for an hour. When websites were nothing more than static sites with background and text, and the most you ever got in the way of mobility was how far the cord reached from the wall.

Nowadays, I see all kinds of astonishing things. I see sites for satellite internet specials in my area and I read in the newspaper about wireless services that put what you thought was sophisticated Wi-Fi to shame.

The biggest change that’s occurred since the early days of the internet is the aspect of mobility. You can take that internet with you wherever you go because of the advancements made in internet service and the ways in which you can access it.

You can call a taxi cab from your smartphone or even stream an entire movie on your laptop while you sit out in the park. All while possibly moving about in a Wi-Fi hotspot potentially as large as a city.

There’s no question that the internet has advanced. The only question is how much better can it get? We’ll have to wait and see.

The New Cop On The Beat: Your Cell Phone

There’s a new cop on the beat and this is the cell phone. The cell phone has become something that people are using more and more for police related matters.

When a violent crime happens in public view there are an overwhelming amount of cell phone users that get the footage. People pull out their cell phones and start recording. This is how so much footage is captured in real time.

There are also smartphone apps that people use to capture and report car accidents that have occurred. This makes it Read more »

Five Ways Online Disease Tracking Can Stop A Pandemic

When you hear of a new disease, you want to know how it is affecting your area. Diseases can be tracked online so that doctors and the general public can see where the disease is or where it is headed. This information can help prevent a spread of the disease.

The easiest thing that you can do to track a disease is to look at social media. Most people will post something online if they are sick. Read more »

How Saving Your Medical Information Online Can Save You

Record keeping is always more efficient when the information is stored in a computer. Paper records can be lost or destroyed, but electronic records can be saved on electronic hardware and software. Since there are more ways to store electronic records than there are paper records, saving records electronically is the best option.

Anyone who has been through a natural disaster or who has needed to see a doctor that is different from their regular Read more »

Putting The Secret Back In Top Secret: Stealth Internet

These days it can be hard to surf the web without revealing personal information. Most people would rather remain anonymous, but do not know how. Enthusiasts can read further and learn some tips that can eliminate trails that they leave behind.

When registering for a service online, it is not wise to use one’s personal email. There is the risk of it being hijacked or sent to spammers. Individuals can consider opening a throw-away e-mail account. This is typically free and offers a fair bit of protection.You can find a quick rundown Read more »

How Surgery Can Work Without A Surgeon Present

Being stationed on an oil derrick in the middle of the ocean or trapped in the middle of a snowstorm on a small research station in Antarctica is probably not where you would find a qualified surgeon. In fact, the chances of having even a family doctor may be somewhat limited, but the rapid changes in Internet technology are quickly changing the playing field for medical emergencies. While there may not always be a surgeon handy, even a physician’s assistant or a field medic may be called on for an emergency surgical procedure.

As technology Read more »